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pharmacists taking stock and checking inventory
pharmacists taking stock and checking inventory



The profession of pharmacy should be in the hands of pharmacists and their support staff. Pharmacy workers, who work for large companies, have nearly no voice in their profession.

Independent pharmacy owners are being undercut by corporate giants. Pharmacy students are becoming burdened by debt from high college tuition rates. Pharmacy has become overrun by businessmen who are good at creating profits, while the industry should be run by the experts – pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and interns.

Our vision is to use the power of numbers to build our own support system which puts the profession of pharmacy back in the hands of pharmacy professionals.



We Are

The United Pharmacy Association (URPhA) is a grassroots movement and support system for pharmacists, interns and technicians made up of pharmacists, interns and technicians.

We are the pharmacy professionals who play an integral role in the healthcare system, and we have this association that supports and makes our views known to important organizations like APhA, BOPs, state pharmacy associations, representatives and any other parties our members want to reach. We seek collaboration.

Cristina Manos


Cristina Manos Rph.

Cristina Manos RPh. has been a licensed pharmacist for 23 years. She has worked in four states and in several different pharmacy settings.  

In addition to being a licensed pharmacist, Cristina (aka Crissy) has experience in alternative and natural medicine. She has been a life coach and mentor, has a background in journalism and is a yoga instructor. 

Cristina has exceptional networking and rapport with pharmacists and technicians in several states.

She is willing to bet most pharmacy professionals have excellent ideas about how to improve the profession, want their voices to be heard, and support the need for change.

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There is no way to retaliate against polls and survey outcomes. We give you a place to speak up and be heard.

Professional Support

Supporting each other results in support for the profession. This leads to better work conditions, breaks, and more.


Fundraising for initiatives adds excitement. Being able to give back and pay it forward to the future of pharmacy


URPhA is a nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of organizing and advocating for pharmacists and their staff. URPhA works on behalf of all pharmacy colleagues, and relies on the pharmacy professionals to best communicate what is needed to protect the profession. URPhA can’t and won’t stage strikes, and it will not work with unions. Pharmacy professionals want a voice and they want it to be their own voice.