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Help raise start-up money for the United Pharmacists Association (URPhA). Together, We Are Pharmacy.

Help Us Raise Start -Up Money for the United Pharmacists Association

by Cristina

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This 501(c)3 was founded by regular, hard working people. Once the United Pharmacists Association (URPhA) really gets rolling, after its official launch on 1/20/21, membership fees will be used to pay URPhA employees and all proceeds will be deposited into scholarship funds for pharmacy education and business start-ups. URPhA members will be able to help the profession of pharmacy stand out by our collective effort to gather our voices and raise funds for our causes, while supporting one another.

Your donations help make this dream come true for all of us. So many pharmacy professionals have wanted an exclusive organization which functions as a pharmacy community made up of pharmacy professionals who work together to improve our profession. Members will make a difference in the profession. Start-up money is needed to keep us going through our launch and to help us get the word out so that we can make our online pharmacy community as large as is possible.

At any given time in the United States there are approximately 300,000 pharmacists and 400,000 pharmacy technicians actively working in the profession. Imagine if our community, our voice, could get to be 700,000 strong. Help us come together to offer solutions for existing issues in the profession, to support one another, to help educate the public, reach the representatives, and share with other healthcare communities what pharmacy professionals think. This is an important time for us to be heard.