LARGE CHAIN PHARMACIES – Pharmacy Technicians and Some Pharmacists Quit. The Reason Is Obvious.

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I think the CEOs of large chain pharmacy companies can truly understand the simple truth of why they can’t hire and keep technicians, and why they have to pay pharmacists sign-on bonuses and increased salaries to get them to return. However, I wonder what it would take to get them to make the simple changes required to provide a safe, efficient, supportive environment for pharmacy professionals to work in, at a fair wage.

If we wrote them a letter, would they answer?

Dear CEO:

You’re “in charge” of a large conglomerate that has thousands of pharmacies, which make you a lot of money. You might want to share this letter and meet with, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that work for you.

The reason that pharmacy professionals don’t want to work in your pharmacies is because your corporate culture is repulsive, to put it lightly. 

Because there are so many facets of the culture that, singularly, are taxing on the psyche to say the least, the combined sum of them creates an unbearable amount of moral injury and resentment toward you – the CEO and the upper echelon of the company.


It actually is easy to care about the people who work for you and the people you service. One major problem with your culture, policies and practices is that they are not aligned with healthcare, wellbeing, or public safety. Your company is not just a retailer, there is a professional healthcare and professional practice within the company, because the company has pharmacies within the stores, and in some cases minute clinics and separate mail order pharmacies.

Every problem with your company culture is due to your main objective – profits. Because of that, you and your company puts its profits over people continually. The company will rake in billions in one year, yet the company sees paying people more, and staffing pharmacies adequately, as a “hit” to the profit margin, and thus your bonuses may be a little less. Perhaps your company can spend a little less on lobbying.

Yet, if you change main objective to caring about people, and have your policies and practices reflect that, you would probably be more profitable and definitely more reputable. Having integrity and self respect will be invigorating, and is good for your health and wellbeing.

Here are some clues:  NO METRICS, no profit driven metrics, each station has a person manning it (drop off, pick up, drive through, fill station, Verification, clinical duties such as vaccine administration, that means more labor hours for pharmacies, pharmacist overlap, pay pharmacy technicians well and give benefits, treat employees with respect, hire only pharmacists to be managers of pharmacies on every level – district, regional, vice presidents and executives that deal with pharmacy programs, give adequate breaks and meal breaks, allow pharmacists to create and complete their own MTMs, reimburse for MTMs, CMRs and Vaccine Administration, pay for hours on a computer outside of the pharmacy for employees to complete modules, modules should not be completed during workflow.

No one wants to work in understaffed pharmacies where they are expected to do the work of 5 people to get paid one sorry wage, when even if they could meet impossible expectations, it would be thankless.

Thank you,

All of your current and past Pharmacy Employees.

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