Want Someplace To Escape To?

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If you’re cruising through this website, you are most likely a pharmacy professional. And in that case, yes, you probably need a place to escape to right about now. This association, this website, and the Think Tank, are places to find unity through pharmacy.

We have to build this association. “We,” the pharmacy people who join as members are joining the coalition toward giving voice to pharmacy professionals. Pharmacists and their staff are the underdogs in most workplace settings, because there are so few independent pharmacies, and so many industry giants who provide most of the jobs. Our patients value us, our employers too often than not, undervalue us, and the media has all but completely ignored us, until last year – that year that shall not be mentioned by name. We also seem to have very little coverage in the media about our views on the pandemic and the vaccine.

At this point, we want a place where we can come together and say whatever we want to say about the issues we face without fear of being retaliated against by the upper echelon of the companies we work for. In the year that we will not mention by name, there were several articles in the New York Times, revealing the chaos and danger of the work conditions and expectations in a certain company’s retail locations. We all know who it is.

Here, at our United Pharmacists Association we are focusing on what is needed to help pharmacy professionals be in control of the policies of their practice, to support causes within our profession, and to have fun getting to know one another. Most people think pharmacy folks are not particularly funny, and that’s because if you have never worked in a pharmacy you do not understand our humor.

We are looking for someplace to escape to, where we can create our own pharmacy community that doesn’t care about titles. Here, on our website, URPhA will not call out any organization by name or endorse any viewpoint. The association is it’s members, so every member will have to respect every other member in the Think Tank, our common meeting place. The United Pharmacists Association in and of itself is neutral to all “sides” of any argument.

So on the website, you will be free from all signs of your actual job, and you will become an online warrior, a pharmacy ninja, or just someone who enjoys online interaction. But in any case, proposing poll questions, working on a fundraising campaign, submitting ideas for contests, then getting people signed up for contests, getting rewards points and earning giveaways, and reading blogs, can keep a person busy for a while without all the chatter, and sense of urgency.

Once members enter the Think Tank, you can have a pseudo name, or be yourself, and in either case you’re in the Think Tank with other pharmacy people from all over the nation. So if you think maybe your regional manager is a member, then you may or may not want to post something controversial using the company name. And it’s probably not necessary to. I have worked for 6 large chains as a retail pharmacist during my 23-year career, and the complaints are the same, “retail is retail,” AND we all know there’s a worst, and we all know who that worst is. We know who the bottom 3 are. We also know who the decent ones are.

As members of the United Pharmacists Association, we are more focused on finding the solutions that will actually work this time, and so far, depending on anyone other than ourselves has not gotten us the results.

This is an important time to be heard.

If our bosses are licensed pharmacists then they want pharmacists, technicians and interns’ voices to be heard as well. There’s plenty we can all agree on, and we will let the poll and survey results tell us what we don’t agree on.

Let’s make this association and its platform a place to escape to. We can vent here, we can share ideas here, we can tell jokes here, we can have fun contests here, we can raise scholarship money here. Together, we CAN make a difference.

Together, we are pharmacy. LET’S DO THIS!




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