What If We Were Honest?

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Do you think you could be totally straightforward with your direct supervisor in a way that was honest but without emotion?

Could you imagine yourself saying:

Ok, clearly there is no way I can meet dozens of metrics that are not about patient care, while working in an understaffed pharmacy. I believe it is clear that the expectations are unrealistic and it causes stress. I want to work in peace and with the proper support. Please take that to your direct supervisor.” ?

Why don’t we ever say:

I’d be happy to sit down and discuss that with you in front of the State Board of Pharmacy, because they are the entity that regulates both you and I.”  ?

Healthcare professionals are afraid to lose their jobs. I think that’s why we just can’t seem to get any direct communication going when we are at the point of a breakdown. And it’s why turnover is so high. We don’t feel comfortable talking to employers or the state board in most cases. We feel there’s always the chance of getting black balled out of our profession.

People value their mental health now more than before. It might trend toward peace being more important than money. Instead of employers paying more to staff who have stayed, and treating them better, they’re missing the mark, and The Great Resignation continues.

What if we said:

Hey this technician I have is really good and she shows up. I do not want her to quit. She is due for a raise, and I know it is in the budget because we are understaffed which means there is more money to spend on the labor that is here.” ?

And what if we were honest with ourselves and decided, until healthcare can be about CARE, we have to work in an environment where we can make it about care and not about metrics, or profits, or ridiculous MTMs derived to meet PBMs DIR Fee demands or have the insurance company claw back what they paid you as a provider so they can put you out of business and then buy up your business.

Whether physician or pharmacist – having your own independent business is an uphill battle and mostly a losing one in this environment. Small companies suffer as well.

There are other ways to help your community heal. They may not pay as well but they are worth your being honest with yourself and worth your peace of mind.

Consider finding a way to be honest and to influence everything around you. Even if it is to say, “I’m really sad about what the profession of pharmacy has become.

And if you’re not sad about it, and you’re loving every minute of it, I’m very happy for you. And you probably don’t read these kinds of posts.

Good luck out there guys!!!  Don’t give up on your dreams. You can do anything you want to do.

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