Why Become a United Pharmacists Association (U.RPh.A) Member?

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Why Become an United Pharmacists Association (U.RPh.A) Member?

We can afford to support each other, share our ideas, lend our voice to the profession of pharmacy, and build a strong community together.

We Can’t Afford Not To.

Right now, experts are needed more than ever to be the decision makers within the practice of medicine and pharmacy. We can’t afford not to come together to reshape best practices.

Right now, online communication and online communities are the most effective way to give ideas and find out what others in the field are saying. Our collective voices can do more for the profession than any other spokesperson.

Together, we are pharmacy.

Together We Can Make a Big Difference.

URPhA is funded entirely by the members through the one time yearly membership fee. Pharmacists pay $250 a year, and technicians and interns pay $140 a year. Membership fees pay URPhA staff, and proceeds go to scholarship funds.

In return, we get to have our own exclusive community to propose questions, ideas and feedback with the intention of getting industry response to our collective professional advice. We have a method by which to gather our voices. We have a method by which to blast our voices out to all the right places.

We also get to contribute to student scholarship funds and funds for start up money for up-and-coming independent pharmacy owners, as well as funds created from the suggestions and votes of URPhA members. These funds come from proceeds from membership fees. So the larger our URPhA community, the more we can collectively give to pharmacy causes.

We Can Raise Funds For Our Causes.

As members, we can also use our URPhA crowd-funding platform to raise money for our own proposed initiatives. If I want to raise money to help my technician who is battling cancer and can’t work at the moment, I can propose this as one of the monthly campaigns that gets approved by URPhA board members, and everyone can work together on social media to raise money for the campaign.

If we raise enough money to meet our goal, then URPhA staff members do the rest. URPhA staff members will set up communication with the recipient and see out the distribution of funds, do all clerical and secretarial work, will hire free lancers if needed, and will see out the terms of the campaign contract. URPhA staff can also help members create a budget for campaigns for campaign ideas that members propose but are unsure of how to carry out the project. Doing a documentary on experiences of pharmacy students around the nation, for example, may take a lot of manpower and perhaps a bigger budget than getting an underprivileged high school grad the $10,00 or so tuition money it takes to go through a technician program.

We Create Our Own Exclusive Forum With Its Own Internal Economy.

Inside the Think Tank we can have our own bubble of communication. Any ideas, products, and businesses which get promoted in the Think Tank, are being promoted by other pharmacy professionals. Sell your jewelry online, list your investment properties, display your artwork, advertise your services, and sell your products to other pharmacy professionals from all over the country. Form groups for common interests. Get to know one another in the profession. Share ideas.

There is no other organization made up of us supporting us, communicating with each other across the nation, and sharing our ideas in order to guide the profession of pharmacy into its best form. The profession of pharmacy is worth coming together for. It’s the one thing that all of us pharmacy professionals have in common. It’s worth speaking up for, it’s worth raising awareness for, and it’s worth supporting.

Be A Part Of Something Big.

The United Pharmacists Association gives us something we have never had before -an organization that is not influenced by outsiders, including big business.

URPhA does not take donations from industry giants, large corporations, conglomerates, or special interest groups. URPhA is funded almost exclusively by membership fees, and all fundraisers are transparent.

Members who are PICs or district leaders get the benefit of discovering exactly how their colleagues feel, without interruption from the profit driven upper echelon of large companies weighing in. It’s an opportunity to learn about what is important to the majority of pharmacists, interns and technicians, and it’s an opportunity to share your viewpoint as a manager to others across the nation.

We can all learn from one another, and we should use what we have learned to improve our practice and policies. We are in this together, and supporting one another will lead to positive change coming from direct input and influence of the pharmacy professionals.

Be a part of something big, and have a lot of fun sharing memes and stories only pharmacy workers would understand and find amusing.

So the real question is – Why not become an URPhA member?




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